Your 2016 Convention Team: (Left to Right) Dick K8ZTT, Jack W0JMC (SK), Gerry Villhauer, W0GV, Emit W0UAW, Cathy N0CRZ, Don WA9WWS, Scott W0KVA (Rear), Jocelyn KD0ZVA, Dan N0PUF, Veronika, Tim WB0TUB (SK), Eileen WD0DGL (SK), John W0VG, Jeff K0RM, Doug N7LEM,Lisa K0LMH, Jack WM0G, Dan N0HF, Greg N1GEP, Ken KV5Y, Randall KD0SPP, Paul AA0K, Ben KB0UBZ, Diana KC0NPP, Dick AB0CD, Ann KA0ZFI, Larry W9INE, Not Pictured Carol K0CVH, Bob KB0BS, Rob KC0UUO, Amanda K1DDN, Jeff K0JSC, Mike N0VBY, Dave W0DAB, Perry W6AUN, Robert N0ESQ, Joan KB0YRX, Wayne N0POH


Our convention venue has been announced.  HamCon 2020, will be held on August 7-9, 2020 at CU Denver South.  This location used to be called The Wildlife Experience and it’s a great location for our convention.   This is the 2020 Rocky Mountain Division ARRL Convention and will have vendor rooms, lots of forums and meals with national speakers you will surely not want to miss.

We’re working to put together a fantastic selection of forums to make this one of the most spectacular events that you could do in Ham Radio.